October 2022

Thank you, for purchasing the Enduro Sizing Kit

Thank you, for purchasing the Enduro Sizing Kit

It has been an exciting month at Scoot Boot with the wholesale launch of our Scoot Enduro. Thank you to everyone who has purchased their Enduro Sizing Kit. The Enduro Sizing Kit comes with Mud Straps, Bulb Straps, Front Straps, and Bulb Strap Extenders, which help size varying heel conformations.

Scoot Enduro FAQs

Scoot Enduro FAQs

We like to help as much as we can and answer any questions you may have about the new Scoot Enduro. We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions you’ve had about Enduros.

Q - What sizes do Scoot Enduros come in?

A - Enduro 00 - 3. The Enduro shape mimics the Scoot Slim shape. Enduro Sizing Chart

Q - Can I use the Scoot Boot Sizing Kit to size for Scoot Enduros?

A - The Scoot Boot Sizing Shells in Slims will help you size the hoof capsule for Scoot Enduros however for accurate sizing of the heel height and heel bulb conformation, the Enduro Sizing Kit is recommended. Please note also that the Scoot Boot Sizing Shells in Slims only go down to size 0.

Q - What is the difference between Scoot Boots and Scoot Enduros?

A - Scoot Enduros fit horses with high-heeled hooves and mules, but may suit some horses with underrun heels and other hoof types not suitable for Scoot Boots. The Scoot Enduro’s shape mimics the Scoot Slim to accommodate these hoof types. The Scoot Enduro's adjustable rear comfortably fits these hoof shapes and provides more fitting options for the barefoot horse and mule.

The Scoot Boot will remain the ‘go-to boot’, but the Scoot Enduro allows customers with horses’ hooves not suitable for Scoot Boots to have a protective hoof boot option.

The Scoot Enduro is an ideal choice for extreme long-distance rides, over 40 miles/ 60km.

Q - Can I combine Scoot Boots and Scoot Enduros for a bulk price discount?

A - Scoot Boots and Scoot Enduros are two different products with their own corresponding accessories content, manufacturing costs and prices. Our bulk price discounts are therefore separate.

Q - Can Scoot Pads and 3 Degree Wedge Pads be used with the Scoot Enduro?

A - Yes. Please note as the hoof conformation changes, the fit of the Bulb Straps may need to be reviewed after the 3 Degree Wedge is no longer required.

Q - Will there be more sizes of Scoot Enduros?

A - In the future we hope to continue to increase the size range of Scoot Enduros.

Q - What spare accessories come with Scoot Enduros?

A - A pair of Enduros includes:

3 sizes of Mud Straps (pairs)

2 Bulb Straps

2 Bulb Strap Extenders

4 Mud Strap Sleeves

2 Front Straps

4 Knob Hooks & Screws

2 Rear Rivets & Screws

2 Enduro Gaiters

Single Enduros have the same accessories, with half the quantity

Enduro Training Module

Enduro Training Module

We will be launching the Enduros to the retail market on 6 October 2022 Australian EST. We’ve created a fifth training module dedicated to the Scoot Enduro. We hope it helps you and your team feel confident about sizing and fitting our newest Scoot! Enduro Training Module

Stockist Community page

Stockist Community Page

Our Stockist Community page is a great place to share information and advice. If you haven’t seen US Stockist Karen Cox’s post about Enduros, it is well worth a read: https://www.facebook.com/groups/221782098568166/permalink/1295110174568681