October 2021

Turning seasons and hoof care

Change is in the air all around the globe. Riders are stringently checking the weather reports - rugs on rugs off. Spring has sprung in the southern hemisphere and there are new foals to care for. The beauty of changing autumn leaves across the Northern Hemisphere sees daylight hours drawing in. In the tropic regions of Northern Australia, Southern US, South America and the Southern Pacific there are changes in humidity. All these changes can affect the growth and health of the hoof. Share this great blog about seasonal changes and hoof health with your customer Winter vs Summer hooves

Are you familiar with Scoot Skins?

Are you familiar with Scoot Skins?

If a horse needs hoof protection and competition rules prevent hoof protection above the coronet, then Skins are a great option.

Scoot Skins can be a valuable addition to a horse's hoof protection. However due to the complexities of the hoof preparation and gluing process, Scoot Boot only recommends this be done by those experienced in the area. Offering a gluing service can set you apart from other equine hoof care providers in your area and attract new customers to your business. Applied correctly, Skins can last an entire trim cycle. With proper after-care, they can often be reset. The big advantage of Scoot Skins over other products is they allow air circulation which helps reduce the chances of bacteria build up. The hooves can also be flushed with anti-bacterial solutions while the Skin is glued on the hoof.

Sizing chart for Skins

We have created a Skins Sizing chart to help you with gauging the correct size Skins for your customers.

Sizing M3, M2, M1 M0, M00

In our August Newsletter we discussed our change from sizing the M sizes remotely to only providing in-person sizing. We understand that this might have caused some confusion. The smallest size we have on our sizing chart is the Regular 000 - for hoof sizes 95mm Long x 95-110mm. We recommend that sizes below this are sized in-person with sizing shells. This is because little hooves are tricky to size accurately through photos alone.

Product updates

New Endurance Gaiter update

We have yet to finalise the design of our new Endurance Gaiter, this is still several months away. Announcements will be made closer to its completion and we will let you know when we start production so you can prepare your inventory for the arrival of the new design Endurance Gaiter.

New Scoot Enduro update

As you would be aware, we are wrapping up the trial phase of a new product in our Scoot line, the Scoot Enduro. We are currently evaluating feedback from our triallers and fine-tuning any modifications that may be required before we start production. We anticipate starting production in 2022. Our new Scoot Enduro will come in 5 sizes - size 00 to size 3. We will also be creating sizing shells for the Scoot Enduro. In addition to the sizing shells there will be a sizing guide for the Scoot Enduro that we will share in upcoming newsletters, along with sizing advice.

There are no changes to the existing Scoot Boot. The Scoot Boot will remain our core product, with the Scoot Enduro broadening the range of hoof shapes our Scoot range can accommodate.

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