May 2021

Let's help Rehabilitate horses

It is our aim at Scoot Boot to keep horses healthy and pain free. In turn, this leads to riders being able to achieve their goals and realise dreams with their beloved horses. There are multiple hoof health issues that we see and read about on a daily basis. Laminitis, Navicular, Arthritis and abscesses to name a few. Scoots Boots are able to be used as a turn out boot. The low vents work to drain out water and debris helping to keep the hooves dry and breathable. This prevents bacteria build-up if the boots are being used for extended periods, making them ideal as a rehabilitation aid.

We have created a dedicated Rehabilitation page on our Hub for you where Dave Macdonald, the designer of Scoots and Co-Founder of Scoot Boot, explains the benefits of using Scoots for rehab. We also have a video interview with Dr Tom Teskey teaching the benefits of barefoot for horse welfare.

Marketing Tip

Collecting examples of your customers' rehab stories is a great way to show others that Scoot Boots are a proven rehabilitation boot.

You can keep a book of before and after pictures to show customers or you could post your customers’ stories on social media. It's a great way of generating engagement and getting new enquiries.

Important: If you are using your customers’ rehab stories to promote Scoot Boots, make sure you have your customers consent to do so.

Here is a blog we wrote for our website following a customer's rehabilitation journey and how it enhanced her showjumping career.

You can read Ciara's story here

Give customers the knowledge and resources they need

Whether it is a rescue horse or pony, life-long old companion or a young horse that has suffered an injury, it can be a sensitive and heart wrenching experience for your customers seeing their horse or pony suffering.

Often knowing what information is right, and how to take the first step is the hardest part. Helping the customer sift through resources to find the right advice is invaluable.

We have interviewed experts on a vast range of hoof rehabilitation topics and shared them on our blog page. Please share these with any of your customers who may need reassurance and guidance with their particular concerns and issues.

Marketing Tip - Share this video with your customers who are starting the rehabilitation process and are unsure if Scoot Boots can help