March 2022

Safe Winter Riding

Safe winter riding

As winter temperatures are still going strong in the northern hemisphere, your clients may appreciate some guidance on safe winter riding. Many hoof boot users are not aware that Scoot Boots have ample room to attach traction studs, which will maximize the grip on surfaces such as ice, snow, slush, mud and slippery, wet grass.

Ice studs from Scoot Boots provide excellent grip on flat, icy roads and wet, slippery grass and are very easy to apply. Larger and longer studs are great for deep snow, mud and uneven surfaces. In our recent blog post Matilde Brandt from Norway shares her experiences with using studded Scoot Boots for winter riding and driving in all weather conditions.

The blog also informs of the advantages of keeping horses barefoot during winter to prevent ice and snow packing up under the hooves and the associated risk of injuries and lameness. As Scoot Boots are suitable to use during turnout, these can further reduce the risk of ice and snow accumulating under the soles of the horses. Share the Blog

By Helle Erhardsen

Scoot and the gaited horse

Scoot and the gaited horse

Can Scoot Boots be worn on my gaited horse? It is a question we receive from owners of Spanish Paso Finos, American Rocky Mountain horses and the Icelandic Ponies to mention a small few. Gaited breeds are across the globe all with varied and interesting histories, bred for their comfortable gait especially over long distance rides they are understandably still beloved by many today and well worth preserving. Helle spoke with Scoot Boot Stockist, Tennessee Walking Horse breeder and trainer Jill Roberson. It is a great blog to share with customers concerned about Scoots suitability for their gaited horse or pony. Share here

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Code of Conduct

Over the past few years there have been massive global changes that have affected all of us. We care about our stockists whether you have been with us for years, just starting or picking up the boots again after a break. At Scoot Boot we wanted to take the time to look at our core values and reimagine them for where we are today, and what we hope for the future.


We think "customer first"

We care about the welfare of horses

We do the right thing

We look for ways to innovate

We work together to get the job done

We love helping people

In addition to our Scoot Boot Values we have created a Scoot Boot Code of Conduct You can read it here.