New Mini Sizes!

We have been working on expanding our size range for you. We are now happy to offer two smaller sizes.

Slim Size M00 fits hoof length 80mm (3 ⅛ inches) x hoof width 75-80mm (2 15/16 - 3 ⅛)

Slim size M0 fits hoof length 85mm (3 5/16 inches) x hoof width 80-85mm (3 ⅛ - 3 5/16)

They are now available on our website for you to add to your sizing kits.

Customer care

After sizing services. We have seen great results with our after sizing services. We find the best kind of repeat business is from happy customer referrals.

Some things to consider in your after sales service.

When we size a customer, we send them the video What to do when your new Scoots arrive. This dramatically increases our customer’s certainty of fit.

We politely remind our customers to fit their boots on a soft surface so they don’t incur damage charges on scratched and marked boots if they need to exchange.

We have information on our care instructions brochure encouraging our customers to contact us if they have any issues with their fit or any other problems.