June 2022

New Scoot Skin Sizes!

New Scoot Skin Sizes!

We’re happy to announce Scoot Skins are now available in size 7 in both Regular and Slim. This gives more horses access to the benefits of our Skins glue-on option. Get your updated Skins sizing chart now on the Hub and our brand new Skins promotional flyer!

To celebrate the additional sizes we are going to delve into the application and benefits of the Scoot Skin for your customer.

Scoot Skin Flyer

Skins sizing chart

Skins photos

Scoot Skins & the sport horse

Scoot Skins & the sport horse

Equine regulatory sporting bodies across the globe have varying rules on the use of hoof boots in competition. With Scoot Skins sitting below the coronet band, we’re pleased to see an increase in approved use for competition. Scoot Boots always advise riders to check with stewards and officials before entering any competition, the following information is a guide only.

Jumping & Eventing

The majority of riders only need to Scoot up their front hooves. For added traction, some riders choose to add Scoots to the hinds. Skins can be an ideal choice for both jumping and eventing the security of a well-applied Skin can aid the trickiest to fit hind hoof shape, with the Scoot vents still providing excellent drainage.


Regulations may not allow Scoot Boots in competitions. Skins can be an excellent alternative. Its low profile and zero straps on the back allow for an uninterrupted view of the movement.

Western & Campdrafting

The birth of Western discipline rose from the skills used for livestock herding and control. With ranchers and stockmen and women honing their skills we see fast-paced “turn on a dime” style riding mainly in sand arenas. We’ve seen the use of Scoot Boots, however Skins can work well for hooves that aren’t suited to Scoot Boots. Have you aided a Western disciplined horse with Skins? We would love to see them, please share them on the community page.


Scoot Skins are a well-loved choice for many Endurance riders. With distances over 60km (40miles) riders enjoy the peace of mind a well-glued Skin provides them. Scoot enthusiasts are using Scoot Skins for the Tom Quilty Endurance race in Australia, 100 Miles - in one day.

Scoot Skins application

Scoot Skins application

We’ve compiled some helpful videos to get you started with Scoot Skins.

How to Glue Scoot Skins

Modifying Scoot Skins

Flushing Scoot Skins

Removing Scoot Skins