June 2021

The benefit of getting sizing right

Following up with customers can be the difference between a great review and a negative one. You work hard to get your customers' hooves sized, often traveling great distances in all weather conditions, so keep that positive rapport going that you have established with your customers.

We have all had that tricky hoof which looks like it could be on the cusp of being unsuitable for fitting Scoot Boots, or it may be in between sizes. The hoof might fit well in a regular size length but the width is not right or perhaps you can get the fit in all the right places except the heel bulbs. What do you do then?

Let’s explore further how we can check the customer has the correct sized boots.

Exchange or modify?

Your customer has received their Scoots and watched the video, but they are unsure if the fit is right. Asking your customer to send you a photograph of the Scoots on from the front and the side can cut down on unnecessary travelling. You will likely already have in your mind that this customer may need to go up or down a size, or to change fit from regular to slim.

Seeing the customer’s photos of the Scoots being worn can determine if you do need to exchange them to get the right fit.

Prominent heel bulbs or high heels can cause issues with getting the heel straps to fit properly. In some cases heat stretching the heel straps can be the solution to getting a perfect fit. We have two new videos on how to heat stretch our products. Please share these with your customers that need this adaptation for fit. Share videos here It is important to note that using a heat gun and heat stretching does void the warranty. Please make sure your customers are aware of this.

Heat Stretching Scoot Boot Heels

Heat Stretching heels hot water technique

Nothing beats onsite sizing

We believe the first step to success with selling Scoot Boots is knowing the product and understanding its application. We recognise our Stockists as an integral part of our business in providing an invaluable face to face service to customers. Nothing beats the accuracy of sizing with our sizing shells. We do our best with our remote sizing services to get the fit right 100% of the time. Sadly nothing in life is perfect. Our sizing chart is as close to accurate as we can get, unfortunately the hooves on the smallest and largest size of the spectrum are the trickiest for us to hone down. Recently we have found we have had to exchange to get the right size for the smallest and largest hooves. We highly recommend only sizing the minis and the largest horses with sizing shells rather than the chart alone. If you cannot get to your customer and need to size through photos, it is always a great idea to keep communication open with your customer and follow up with fitting photos. Share this video with your customers to help their understanding of the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsGck1tN880&t=39s

When to refund?

It is never your intention to make a sale that might end in a refund.

80% of horses' hooves are suitable for Scoot Boots. That still leaves 20% that are not. Some of those 20% may be on the cusp of being ok, so we do our best to fit them. This may mean trying different sizes and shapes, regular to slim. But sometimes the shape of the hoof is just not working with the Scoot shape. Offering to refund the customer at this point is the best way to save the relationship and to minimise negative feedback from the customer.

Having a well thought out exchange and return policy before you begin your journey as a Scoot Boot Stockist is going to save you time and stress in the long run. Making your policy transparent to your customers is a great way to build trust.

Allbusiness.com states that in a recent harris poll, 91% responded that a store’s return policy was important when making a purchasing decision. This shows how important it is to consider this aspect of your business.

According to UPS 68% of online shoppers check a store's return policy before purchasing. That shows how important it is to gain a customer’s trust before you even speak to them. You may have your own anecdotal knowledge of customers asking what your return and exchange policy is before they go ahead and order from you. Having a transparent and hassle free exchange and return policy, might net you more customers that you may have gained without it. Hesitant purchasers are more likely to shop with you if they can trust you to look after them if the products do not fit their needs.

It can be disheartening to receive a request for a refund. You have worked hard to help the customer, and it feels like it has all come to nothing. We can see the silver lining in this situation. This painful refund you have had to make could result in a positive review from your customer. With your fair exchange and returns policy in place, you are reaching a broader customer pool as you may gain the trust of those hesitant buyers out there. With over half of purchasers checking exchange and return policies before purchasing, it is fair to say potential customers are savvy and reading online reviews. With social media, everyone is a reviewer. You may not have kept the sale this time but you have most likely kept the customer’s trust, and that is the key to success in the long run.


Offer a Sizing/Fitting Service

Our sizing service offers the customer free exchange or return.

Customers often size themselves incorrectly which creates more exchange/refund problems, and a frustrated customer. Offering to do the sizing for them is a great way to build relationships and reduce dissatisfaction with boots that are rubbing or falling off.

Make it easy to find your exchange/return policy:

We have listed our policy on our website and a link on the customer order confirmation. Tip: you can add this information to your website, Facebook About, and on your receipt sales confirmation to your customer.

Follow up with the customer after the sale on the boot fit:

We include a slip in the order package to encourage the customer to check the fit us.

We evaluate the boot fit and determine if the size is correct or if adjustments are required. If the size is not correct, we communicate to the customer what size we will exchange for and how long the return process will take.

We create and provide a return slip to our customer to return the boots, at our cost.

Offer an exchange if needed:

We notify the customer once we have received their return, and advise them we will be sending their new size boots.

We charge a fee for scratched and damaged boots. Our “insert flier” has dramatically reduced the number of dirty or damaged boots returned to us. Please feel free to use this flier in your orders to customers.

Provide a Refund if appropriate

Like exchanges, if we have sized the customer for boots this will determine if we will pay for the postage.

Our exchange and refund policy is 60 days from purchase, you can decide if this time line works best for your business.

Here is our Return/Exchange model please feel free to use or adapt it to suit your business.

What to do when it is a warranty issue?

If you notice any faults or damage with your Scoot order please send an email to stockist@scootboots.com with a photo of the faulty or damaged product and we will provide a credit to your stockist account.

Your customers have a 90 day warranty period from the date they purchase their Scoots from you. If they contact you with a complaint about their Scoots and you believe it may be a warranty issue, ask your customer to send you a photo which you can then forward to us. If it appears to be a warranty issue we will let you know and you can provide a replacement product to your customer. We will then issue a credit to your stockist account. We will also cover you for any reasonable out of pocket costs incurred whilst dealing with this.

The Scoot Boot warranty will not cover loss or damage caused by:

Normal wear and tear


Exposure to corrosive conditions

Use of non standard incompatible parts such as non-Scoot Boot ice studs


Heat stretching

Incorrect sizing

Please contact us if you are unsure as to whether a complaint falls within the warranty. We are more than happy to help.

A helpful tip: Let your customer know that fly spray can deteriorate the TPU material Scoot Boots are made from. Often when we let customers know to keep Scoot Boots away from chemicals, the most common one they’re likely to come in contact with ... fly spray, is not thought of. We have found customers are grateful for the tip.