July 2022

New look wholesale store

New look wholesale store

We have updated our wholesale store! Your access to our wholesale site is now prominent at the top of our retail website. We have added features to improve your experience while shopping with us.

Our Bulk Shop page now has the option to filter by product type. You can save time creating new orders with the re-order feature on your Account page. We will do our best to accommodate any feedback we receive to improve your experience with us; please share any feedback at stockist@scootboots.com

Improve your Google ranking

Improve your Google ranking

The importance of an About Us page on your website.

A well-written “About Us” page now plays a serious role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Search engines are now able to identify your About Us page and rate you as safe.

You will get more backlinks from people as they will be able to see your About Us page which makes you trustworthy.

The decision to buy might not always come down to product or price. Many visitors on your website will go to your 'About Us' page before they purchase to assure themselves they are making the right decision. It’s all about trust and confidence. The visitor needs to be confident that you are a reputable company and that they can trust you to handle their payment and deliver on your commitment to get their order to them.

How to make a great About Us page:

  1. Make it clear who owns and runs the website.

  1. Use “keywords” such as mentioning the name of your brand, products and services wherever possible for search engines to understand what you do.

  1. Tell your story. Include information like who started your company and why. List what you do, your achievements, mission statement and social media links. Include your team in the page.

  1. Aim to answer any questions before they are asked. Assure visitors of your authenticity, website security and privacy, shipping and returns, customer support and any other doubt your customer might have when deciding to buy.

  1. Use structured data to markup the address, contact details, phone number etc.

Understanding Structured Data

Scoot Skins application

Scoot Skins application

We’ve compiled some helpful videos to get you started with Scoot Skins.

How to Glue Scoot Skins

Modifying Scoot Skins

Flushing Scoot Skins

Removing Scoot Skins

Glue-on Scoot Skins - Endurance Hoof Protection

Glue-on Scoot Skins - Endurance Hoof Protection

The prestigious Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Race is only one week away from kick-off in Tooraweenah, New South Wales Australia. Scoot Boot stockist Darryl King will be competing in the race and he is one of the many endurance riders who swears to using glue on Scoot Skins on long distance endurance rides:

“I like the security of knowing there are no straps that can break and no need to worry if something could get caught under the straps and hurt the horse. It’s just less worry and less hassle using the Scoot Skins Glue-ons for endurance,” Darryl said.

Although Darryl’s horses are healthily barefoot, he always protects their hooves with Scoot Skins in endurance competitions. The glue-on Scoot Skins protect from bruising of the hooves on rough gravel tracks and give extra grip and traction on slippery slate surfaces on the mountain trails that Darryl frequently encounters in endurance competition races.

Read the full interview with Darryl in our new blog article here.

Combining Scoot rehab products

Combining Scoot rehab products

Hoof rehabilitation isn’t always a straightforward process. Many factors affect the hoof condition and setbacks to hoof health. Create a tailored hoof protection service for your customer by combining Scoot rehab products.

When using Scoot pads, the comfortable fit of heel straps and toe pressure should be evaluated. In most cases supporting sole comfort with pads will not affect the tension of the Front Straps across the front of the hoof wall. For hooves with overly wide coronet bands, this slight adjustment may be over the amount the regular Front Straps can fit. The Long Front Strap adds that length required without any modification to the Scoot Boot.

Scoot Pads and Wedges

As Scoot Pads are a rehab product, they are made from soft rubber to assist in the rehabbing process for horses with sensitive soles. Some horses, depending upon the condition of the hooves and how they are worked, may compress the perimeter of the pad fairly quickly. The pads will still be effective.

Similarly, the 3 Degree Wedge is not designed for long-term use. With correct and regular trimming, the horse will become sound, the heels will correct themselves, and the horse will no longer need to use wedges.

Test or rental hire?

Test or rental hire?

Allowing your customer to test a product before purchasing increases trust and confidence in the eventual sale.

A horse with sound healthy hooves often only needs to trial a Scoot for a short period. In cases of transitioning from metal shoes, a short trial period may not be long enough to ascertain the correct Scoot size. Consider offering a longer rental hire service to customers with horses whose hooves are going through significant change. The rental could include switching rented sizes when the hoof expands to its natural state after metal shoe removal. The customer will appreciate having the option to keep their horse's hooves protected during this sensitive period, increasing confidence to purchase a brand new pair of Scoots from you when the hooves have fully transitioned.