August 2022

Promoting Scoot Enduro

Promoting Scoot Enduro


We have compiled clear product images for you to add to your online website, use in print advertising or share on social media, please add “Coming Soon”.

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Enduros will come with a fitting guide. You can access the fitting guide on the Hub to share with your customers as needed.

Promote Enduros at your next event with the Enduro product brochure.

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A new boot and a new logo! We’ve given Scoot Enduro its own colour and logo! The Enduro will come in our signature Scoot drawstring bag for ease of storage. The bright Marine helps differentiate it from the Scoot Boot when displaying in your store and makes for easier storage management. Get the Enduro logo

Sizing and Fitting Enduos

Sizing and Fitting Enduros

Our Scoot team member Julia has made another helpful How to Scoot video. Watch it here

Annette demonstrates how to check the right length for sizing with the Rear Shank check Watch it here.

Scoot Enduros will fit horses with high-heeled hooves and mules. They may also suit some horses with underrun heels and other hoof types not suitable for Scoot Boots.

The Scoot Enduro’s shape mimics the Scoot Slim to accommodate these hoof types. Enduros are available in sizes 00 - 3.

In person sizing Enduros

In person sizing Enduros

The best method for sizing Scoot Enduros is in person using the Enduro Sizing Kit. If you cannot attend, consider offering a shell hire service to your customers. This allows you to check the size and fit remotely through photos sent by your customer.

Enduro Sizing kit will contain:

Enduro Shells sizes 00 - 3

4 x pc Mud Straps (Size S/M/L/XL)

2 x pc Bulb Strap (Size S/M)

2 x pc Front Straps

1 x pc Front Collar

1 x Bulb Strap Extender

The Enduro Accessories will help you get the correct fit for the heel bulbs.