April 2022

Webinar Recap

A big thank you to everyone who attend to the live Scoot Webinar, we hope you got a lot of value from it. We understand that time zone differences and previous engagements may have prevented some of you from joining the live webinar. We have compiled the images information you can view it all on the Scoot Hub’s new webinar page along with watching the entire webinar.

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We hope you enjoyed seeing the Scoot Enduro in full for the first time in the webinar! Please stay tuned for more information on available dates and prices on all new Scoot Products.

Product updates

There has been a lot brewing at Scoot HQ. Continuing our passion to rehabilitate horses through barefoot means, we have now added the Scoot Tendon Wedge and the Large Front Strap to our Scoot product list, along with the new Scoot Enduro Boot.

Scoot Tendon Wedge

Tendon tears and injuries are not only extremely painful but can be a long healing process. The Scoot Tendon Wedge allows the horse to place their hoof down whilst aiding the rehabilitation. The Scoot Tendon Wedge is applied to the bottom of the Scoot. The Scoot Tendon Wedge should only be fitted and used by hoof equine professionals, farriers, barefoot trimmers and vets. The Scoot Tendon Wedge will therefore only be available on the wholesale website.

Large Front Straps

The Large Front Straps are 10mm 3/8 Inches longer than the original Front Strap. The added length allows you to modify Scoot Boots for horses going through rehabilitation or to fit hoof pathologies that can spread the front opening larger than the current front strap will fit. The Large Front straps will only be available in black.

Marigold Mud Strap

It isn’t all about rehabilitation, however with some colour coming back to our Mud Straps! We are sure your trail riding customers will be excited to get the new Marigold Mud straps. We have taken your feedback and the feedback of our customers on board. In order for us to make production logistics possible we can only create one coloured Mud Strap option, we have chosen the signature Scoot colour marigold! The black Mud Straps will stay and continue to be a staple Scoot Product!

Aid senior horses' retirement comfort

Aid senior horses' retirement comfort

Exactly as with us humans, exercise and movement is the best way to keep age-related disorders at bay. Like aging humans, older horses tend to lose muscle mass, become less flexible, be prone to arthritis and absorb essential nutrients less efficiently. However, movement and appropriate exercise can help prevent or postpone all of the above age-related issues.

Although in order to encourage movement in an older horse, he first needs to be comfortable so movement doesn’t cause him pain. Wearing hoof boots in the paddock could be just what he needs to ease the pain from various hoof issues or joint pain. Using supportive hoof boots would also be the ideal solution to keep a previously shod senior horse comfortable, when his shoes have been pulled for retirement.

Many horse owners are, however, concerned about leaving hoof boots on 24/7 during turnout. And rightly so, if your client is using fully enclosed hoof boots with poor ventilation that are likely to trap dirt and heat and increase the risk of thrush and other hoof infections. Scoot Boots on the other hand have proven to be ideal for turnout, as they have superior ventilation and drains away any debris and water that could otherwise get caught inside the boot. And rest assured, if the horse unexpectedly should throw a boot in the paddock, there’s no nails, wires or hard metal in Scoot Boots that can hurt him.

Read more about keeping senior horses comfortable in hoof boots during 24/7 turnout in our new blog

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Orders and shipment

Amending orders

Once your order has been completed it can no longer be amended. This is because orders are processed and queued for dispatch immediately by our shipper.

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