All images are available for download in eps, jpg, and png form. Please use these 'approved stockist' logos in your marketing and communications to help your customers identify you as a distributor for the brand.

Please do not alter the logos in any way, ie: change the colour, stretch it or adjust the original design.

Only use the logo with the tagline 'the closest you can get to natural' when the size is bigger than 4cm (2"), otherwise it will be too difficult to see.


EPS - is high resolution used for printed material and video. It has a transparent background.

JPG - is a small file is for web, it has a white background so only use it on white.

PNG - is a small file for web, it has a transparent background and can be used on any colour.

Scoot Boot Trademark and Copyright Stockists Agreement

As a stockist, it's important to know what you can, and can't do, with the Scoot Boot name, images, logos, videos, blogs, trademarks and other marketing materials.

The Scoot Boot Trademark and Copyright Stockists Agreement is easy to download - simply click on the button below.

Please familiarise yourself this agreement and, as always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

Amongst other things, the Agreement requires you to:

  • not use any images, videos, blogs, trademarks, logos and any other marketing material used by Scoot Boot located outside the Stockist's Hub unless written consent is obtained from Scoot Boot; and

  • not use or register the Scoot Boot name as part of your company or trade name unless prior written consent is obtained from Scoot Boot.

You may however use all images, videos and other marketing material located in the Stockist's Hub for all marketing requirements, without requesting permission from Scoot Boot.