PHCP - Scoot Webinar 16th March 2022

First look at Scoot Enduro

First look at Scoot Enduro

The final design for Scoot Enduro has been signed off on. We will be heading into full production very soon. In the meantime, we are working on preparing a pamphlet along with sizing guides, videos and images. Initially, the Scoot Enduro will only be available on our wholesale store. We will be launching to our Scoot retail customers at a future date.

First look at Scoot Tendon wedge

First look at Scoot Tendon wedge

We at Team Scoot are passionate about providing solutions for equine hoof pathologies and subsequent health-related issues. Our new Wedge is designed to help rehabilitate tendon injuries.

The Wedge is applied to the bottom of the Scoot to raise the heels which will aid rehabilitation.

The Scoot Tendon Wedge should only be fitted and used by hoof equine professionals, farriers, barefoot trimmers and vets. The Scoot Tendon Wedge will therefore only be available on the wholesale website. Please stay tuned for more information on availability dates.

First look at Large Front Strap

We have created new Large Front Straps to give you more fitting and modification options for Scoot Boots. The Large Front Strap is 10mm 3/8 Inch longer than the original Front Strap. The added length allows for modifying Scoots to fit hoof pathologies that

Marigold Mud Straps

Due to production demands for Scoot Boots we were not able to continue producing coloured Mud Straps. Customers have since told us how much they have missed coloured Mud Strap options. We are therefore excited to tell you that we have taken the feedback onboard and are introducing the Marigold Mud Strap. The Marigold matches our signature Scoot brand; it is a fitting choice for all our endurance and trail riders to have this vibrant option for their Mud Straps.