How to take measurement pictures for sizing

How to use sizing shells

After sale customer care

How to check Scoot Boot Fit

What to do when your new Scoots arrive

Equipment use & modifications

How to put on Mud Straps

How to heat stretch the Mud Straps

How to put on Endurance Gaiters

How to Put on Trail Gaiters

How to change the Front Straps

How to install Anti Slip Shims

Scoot Boot Pads

Pastern Strap Function

How to install Ice Studs

Scoot Enduros

Fitting Scoot Enduros

On Boxing Scoot Enduros

Enduro Bulb Strap Extender

How to Fit Bulb Strap Extender only

How to Fit Enduro Gaiters

Scoot Skins

How to glue on Scoot Skins

How to clean Scoot Skins

How to remove Scoot Skins