Size - Scoot Boot

In-Person Sizing

We believe the first step to success with selling Scoot Boots is knowing the product and understanding its application. We recognise our Stockists as an integral part of our business in providing an invaluable face to face service to our customers. Nothing beats the accuracy of sizing with our sizing shells. We do our best with our remote sizing services to get the fit right 100% of the time. Sadly nothing in life is perfect. Our sizing chart is as close to accurate as we can get, unfortunately, the hooves on the smallest and largest size of the spectrum are the trickiest for us to hone down. We highly recommend only sizing the mini’s and the largest horses with sizing shells over the chart alone. If you can not get to your customer and need to size through photos only, it is always a great idea to keep communication open with your customer and follow up with fitting photos. Share this video with your customers to help their understanding of the process.

How to use sizing shells

Sizing Mini's

It goes without saying the smaller the horse or pony, does not mean smaller problems or issues. Sizing on the smaller end of the scale can be tricky. To make sure we are covering as many of our little guys and gals as possible, we have brought back the 000 size.

Our experience in remote sizing for our customers with the M0, M00, M1, M2 and M3 has not been as successful as we would have liked it to be. We have been brainstorming the best solution for this issue. What it comes down to is, there is nothing better than in-person sizing. This is a service Scoot Boot is unable to provide. Your ability to size in-person is invaluable to your customer. We have re-done the sizing chart starting from size 000. Please feel free to add it to your website.

You will notice that the M0, M00, M1, M2 and M3 are no longer on the chart. This is where our stockist locator comes to the rescue for customers to arrange an in-person sizing appointment with you.

Update - August 2021

Remote Sizing

Check suitability

When requesting a client to send in pictures for sizing, it's important to ask them for a front and side view. This will help you evaluate if the hooves look suitable to suit Scoot Boots.

In total you should request four photos of each hoof, two for suitability and two sizing photos.

1st Suitability photo


Hold the camera low to the ground. This side view will allow you to evaluate the shape of the heel and heel bulbs.

2nd Suitability photo


Hold the camera low to the ground. This front view will allow you to evaluate the shape of the hoof wall.

Sizing photos

Check the size by requesting clear photos of the hoof with measuring tape.

First Measurement

Start at the tip of the toe. The correct measurement is taken at the heel buttress. 120mm or 4 3/4" in this example.

Second Measurement

Place your tape measure across the widest part of the hoof. 120mm or 4 3/4" in this example. (This hoof shape would indicate a Scoot Slim)

First Measurement

Measure to the heel buttress only, and not to where the hoof contacts the skin.

Scoot Boot Sizing Chart

Unsuitable hooves for Scoot Boots

Flared Hoof

High heel & Under Run

Upright/ High heels

  • Upright hooves are unsuitable for Scoot Boots, as the high bulbs do not suit the Scoot design.

  • High heels do not suit the Scoot design either. A good indicator for unsuitability is a ground parallel hairline.