Fit - Scoot Boots

Checking the fit of New Scoots

1. Open the front straps

and pastern strap on

the boot.

Pick up your horse’s hoof with the sole facing upwards and slip the toe of the hoof into the boot.

2. Pull the rear of the

boot over the bulbs

Place the hoof on the ground. The boot should slip-on comfortably without force, but feel snug.

3. Place the hoof on the


close the front straps.

TIP: Use a hoof pick or pliers if the front straps are difficult to close.

4. Secure the strap

around the pastern.

Ensure you can place one finger between the strap and the pastern at the front. Loosen or tighten the straps if needed.

5. Heel bulb test

You should be able to force at least your small finger in between the heel bulb strap and the heel bulb.


Heel Bulb Test

This is the same size boot on the same horse pictured in the NEW SCOOT BOOT FIT. You will see they have now stretched with wear and now a larger finger fits comfortably as pictured. It is important that customers are aware of this stretch. Scoot Boots are designed to last a 6 week trim cycle.

1. Heel Bulb Finger Test

You should be able to push your finger between the bulbs and the heel strap (the part that goes over the top of the bulbs). It is still okay if you have to force your finger in. Scoot Boots stretch slightly after the first use.

2. Gap Test

Check the top of the boot is fitting securely all the way around against the wall of the hoof. There should be a gap at the front, the size will depend on the shape of the hoof walls.

3. Front Strap Test

Check there is firm tension on the front straps when done up. If you can’t close the straps with a hoof pick they may be too small.

4. Wiggle Test

Pick up the hoof and gently rotate the boot both ways. The boot should not turn or move on the hoof.

  • Cannot get the front straps closed with a hoof pick

Incorrect Fit

Are your Scoots too big?

  • Gap between the top of the boot and the hoof

  • Gap at the front is touching/closed

  • Boot twists when doing the wiggle test

  • Boot does not feel snug

Are your Scoots too small?

  • Cannot pull the boot on over the heel bulbs

  • Cannot force your finger between the backstrap and the bulb

  • Cannot get the front straps closed with a hoof pick

Evaluate the fit through photos from your customer

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