Scoot Boots for Rehabilitation

Using Scoot Boots Products for Rehabilitation - An Introduction by Dave Macdonald, Creator of Scoot Boots

Hi all, and welcome to the world of rehab for horses using Scoot Boots!

When I created the Scoot Boot, it was my intention to create the world’s best performing hoof boot and we have achieved great success with our fantastic range of Scoot Boots products.

Along the way, it has been wonderful to discover how many people are achieving great results with using Scoot Boots for rehabbing their horses.

The best thing about Scoot Boots is they can be kept on for 24/7 - the hooves stay clean and dry as the horse's hoof heat works to dry out the hooves in the boots, removing the risk of bacteria build up which can cause additional issues.

Below are some of the most common injuries and ailments and how Scoot Boots can help. There is also a section here in the Stockist Hub with videos to show you how Scoot Boots have worked in real life.

It’s important to note that we are NOT a veterinary service and we do not intend to give medical advice to you about your horse. We are choosing to share this information with you based on the feedback we have received from our customers and encourage you to do your own research when investigating treatment for your animal.


Scoot Boots can help an arthritic horse by helping to suppress the concussion on their hooves. Because Scoot Boots are light, flexible and impact absorbing (like the sole of your sneakers) this can help your horse to feel more comfortable. You can also use socks with your Scoot Boots to help keep the area warm.


Scoot Boots can help with this condition as they can help your horses hooves stay clean and dry when your horse is turned out and eliminate bacteria build-up. They can also be used with medication and/or wrapping and can be kept on for long periods of time.


It’s important for laminitic horse to be able to get their hooves into a comfortable position as this will help ease the pain and encourage movement.


Abscesses usually need a poultice to help with healing. The Scoot Boot is a wonderful tool to help keep the poultice in place, keeping the poultice and hoof clean.

Navicular Syndrome/Symptoms

Scoot Boots can provide pain relief for a horse with navicular symptoms as the boots minimise concussion on the hooves and allow the horse to get regular exercise. As with any horse with caudal heel pain it is vital to keep the horse exercising once the rear of the hoof has been correctly trimmed/shaped, which aids circulation.

Pedal Osteitis

Your horse can be turned out in Scoot Boots 24/7, which is great for a horse suffering from Pedal Osteitis. Scoot Boots also sell pads which can be put inside the boots to provide extra shock absorption.

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