Getting Started

Welcome to Scoot Boot!

We are so pleased to have you as an official Scoot Boot Stockist! We have compiled helpful links and information to get you started on your journey to be a successful Scoot Boot Stockist.

We have created four training modules to assist you to be comfortable and confident with selling and using Scoot Boots.

Each module is approximately 20 minutes. You are free to take the modules anonymously and as many times as you wish.

Here we have photos, videos and information on how to size in-person and remotely, along with our sizing chart.

Great for after-sale customer care. Once your customers have their Scoot Boots, it is helpful to recognise if they have the right fit. Please feel free to download and share photos with your customers.

Sharpen your knowledge of Scoot Boot products and share the information with your potential customers.

We have a catalogue of images, videos, brochures and more. Please choose an Official Scoot Boot Stockist logo to use on your digital advertising and print marketing. This lets potential customers know they are dealing with an Official Scoot Boot Stockist so they can purchase with confidence.

This is a great tool for customers to find your business. We also use it to direct customers in your area to you.

Another great way to stay up to date is with our Facebook stockist community. Share ideas and troubleshoot with fellow stockists. We have a great bunch of like-minded, friendly people from all over the world in our community and they are terrific at welcoming and helping new stockists. We also post our announcements here in case any of our stockists miss an email!

Do I need to purchase a sizing kit?

Yes. You need to purchase a sizing kit prior to your first order. This is the most precise way to size for Scoot Boots and will minimise returns and exchanges.

Are there minimum purchase amounts?

Yes The minimum purchase amount is the equivalent of a pair of Scoot Boots.

What is the delivery time?

Our aim is to get orders to our stockists as quickly as possible. All our Stockists orders are shipped directly from our manufacturer in Jakarta and are usually delivered within 14 business days.

More FAQ's

We send out monthly newsletters, keeping you updated with the latest news and information. They include helpful articles, videos, links and more. In addition to this, we send email updates and announcements on changes to products, new products, holiday closure dates and more. This information is also archived on our Hub Updates page. Please feel free to browse at your leisure to acquaint yourself with the latest information.

You can also reach out to us at any time at


Scoot Boot Trademark and Copyright Stockists Agreement

As a stockist, it's important to know what you can, and can't do, with the Scoot Boot name, images, logos, videos, blogs, trademarks and other marketing materials.

The Scoot Boot Trademark and Copyright Stockists Agreement is easy to download - simply click on the button below.

Please familiarise yourself this agreement and, as always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

Amongst other things, the Agreement requires you to:

  • not use any images, videos, blogs, trademarks, logos and any other marketing material used by Scoot Boot located outside the Stockist's Hub unless written consent is obtained from Scoot Boot; and

  • not use or register the Scoot Boot name as part of your company or trade name unless prior written consent is obtained from Scoot Boot.

You may however use all images, videos and other marketing material located in the Stockist's Hub for all marketing requirements, without requesting permission from Scoot Boot.