Benefits of pre-evaluating

Customers that are rehabbing a horse are often anxious and distressed about making a wrong decision that may affect their horse’s health and wellbeing. This can make it tricky in initial interactions when building trust with customers. Other treatments may need to be discussed before you can recommend hoof boots.

Here are our tips to help lead the customer through rehab problems and incorporate hoof boots as a potential solution:

Talk to your customer with sympathy and recommend rehabilitation positively. Reinforce that taking this step in asking for help is fantastic! Talk about any rehab experience you may have to show them they are not alone. Not making assumptions or being overly critical will help potential customers feel at ease and confident with your professionalism.

If you are a barefoot trimmer and this is a new client, you can start together on a clean slate.

If you are not a barefoot trimmer it is worth taking the time to ask who is trimming their horse, and gather information on their trimming plan, to tailor your advice accordingly.

Connect them with resources that back up your advice, to help them make informed decisions

Rehabilitation can be a costly process, which is sadly why a lot of horses are left to suffer.

Offering customers with the option to purchase a pair of used boots can be an excellent way to help those who may be struggling financially, while finding a good home for any used boots you may have in your inventory. Once these customers have worked through their rehabilitation plan and have a fully recovered horse, you may find they will happily buy a pair of brand new boots from you for your efforts.