About Scoot Boot

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Our philosophy is to treat every interaction as an opportunity to promote our product, educate our customers and to leave a lasting positive impression of Scoot Boot

About Scoot Boot

Scoot Boot has been in operation since April 2015. Our head office is in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania has a small population and is renowned worldwide for its clean air, breathtaking natural beauty and a buzzing cultural life. Scoot Boots’ vision is to become the leading manufacturer of hoof boots through inspiring, educating and advocating for a barefoot natural approach for horses around the globe. The impetus for our vision is the long-term damage that shoeing a horse causes to its overall health. Dave MacDonald, the creator and co-founder of the Scoot Boot, recognised this when the barefoot movement was still in its infancy.

Metal shoes on a hoof are detrimental as they compromise the integrity of the hoof structure. Over time, the hoof becomes deformed and contracted. Further, the horse has long toes and weak underslung heels, which changes the whole mechanics of the hoof. Dave knew that the majority of shod horses could quite comfortably go barefoot (provided they had the correct hoof maintenance), and that hoof boots could be used when riding over rough terrain.

As such, in 1998 Dave created the world’s first equine hoof boot ‘the Old Mac’. Since then, developments in scientific research have given credence to the principles of the barefoot movement with a number of equine specialists now publicly discussing the adverse effects of improper use of steel shoes citing symptoms such as distortions, postural problems, and muscular problems, as well as numerous problems in the ligaments, tendons and joints.

Having gained mainstream attention, in 2014 Dave began designing a Scoot Boot prototype and commenced trials. In April 2015, the Scoot Boot made its way onto the global market. By educating and promoting the barefoot approach, more horses will have a life free of pain and injury. Scoot Boot is a small team based in Hobart with over 400 stockists worldwide. Our mission is to grow this number and create a community of like-minded stockists that spans the globe! Our internal values are in close alignment with our Customer Service Philosophy and are the backbone of what we do and how we do it.

Welcome from Scoot Boot Co-owner Dave MacDonald

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Meet the Team

Dave MacDonald

Co-Founder and DirectorI’ve spent a lifetime around horses from starting horses to becoming a full time farrier for 15 years before I discovered the advantages of keeping horses barefoot. I felt compelled to spread the word and started designing and developing hoof boots, starting with the “Old Macs” through to our current Scoot Boot. Barefoot is the way of the future.

Annette Kaitinis

Co-Founder and DirectorMy passion is my family, friends, animals and in particular, horses. I’m grateful that I now have a platform to change and improve the welfare of horses and change the mindset of equine owners to allow their horses to run bare rather than having iron nailed onto their hooves.

Milda Kaitinis

Chief Financial OfficerI love helping to get the word out to the world on the benefits of barefoot. I have 3 horses, all of which are barefoot (of course) and are kitted out in their own colour coordinated Scoots. I am also a keen gardener and love exploring the Tasmanian wilderness.

Tiri Masunda

Operations ManagerI love seeing a healthy supply chain and am always looking for ways to improve efficiency. I'm a closet foodie, lover of sport and enjoy tinkering the keys on my piano outside of Scoot Boot hours.

Lynn Mollenhauer

HR Manager & Office/Warehouse ManagerMy background is in HR and Recruitment in the aviation industry. When I moved to Tasmania I was fortunate to move into my role at Scoot Boot. I love working for Scoot Boot as we are all like minded when it comes to animal welfare and wanting to make the world a better place for our equine companions. In my spare time I love to go bushwalking and exploring the beautiful state I live in - there's always something new to see and do!

Sarah Cortez

Marketing CoordinatorMy background is in painting and graphic design and I have lived and worked around the world. I love to experience different cultures! The Scoot Boot office is such a great place to work and improving our processes always makes the environment fun and inspiring. Outside of the office you will find me out walking in nature, pottering in the garden or playing with my furry friends.

Julia Stroh

Barefoot Trimmer and Sizing SpecialistI am passionate about the barefoot movement and enjoy helping horses achieve great health through my work as a trimmer and as a Scoot fitter in the field. I have three beautiful daughters, four horses, a dog, a cat, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens and I'm in the process of building my own house, which keeps me busy. . . . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Macy Wallis

Administration AssistantMy name is Macy and I’m the Administration & Marketing Assistant for Scoot Boot. I am currently in my gap year and am planning on going to University in 2021 to start my journey of becoming a Veterinarian! I absolutely love all animals and love working with horses at Scoot Boot. I am an avid baker and love to spend my time with my family, friends and pets.


Customer Experience ConsultantI've owned and worked with horses my whole life and am passionate about their welfare. I love problem solving and putting a smile on people’s faces through customer support at Scoot Boot. In my spare time I love to go camping and especially love the East Coast of Tasmania.


Administration & Digital AssistantI joined the Scoot Boots crew after retiring from a 32 year career in TV production. I've always appreciated photography and love helping out with filming and video editing at Scoot Boots. I've owned horses since I was 12. I currently have a family of 4 warmbloods expanding over 3 generations, that I bred myself. I'm still an active rider, competing in lower level dressage and jumping, exploring the local riding trails often accompanied by my Great Dane, or attending various horse clinics. You can never stop learning about horses.